The Xbox 360 by Microsoft has been around since May 2005, yet 10 years later it still has loyal users. Microsoft has vowed to keep supporting this popular rendition of a game console at least until 2016. This iconic gaming console is very special in the eyes of players all over the world. In fact, it is possible that it could even help Microsoft sell more products during the 2015 holiday season for several reasons.

Xbox 360 Games to Play on Xbox One Console

For one thing, several of its upcoming new games are going to work on the new Xbox One, which came on the market after Xbox 360 in 2013, and now it will also be possible for all those loyal Xbox 360 game lovers to play some of their games on it, as Microsoft is making some popular Xbox 360 games backwards compatible when played on the Xbox One console.

Microsoft officials say that this backwards compatibility will likely make the current Xbox360 owners buy the newer Xbox One to play their old games, and likely buy a few of the new titles for the Xbox One at the same time, thus helping Microsoft boost its sales. It is estimated that it could even help the company to sell more than 100,000 additional consoles.

Several Versions of Xbox 360 consoles exist

Microsoft came out with two other versions of the Xbox 360 after the first one came out in 2005, the Xbox 360 S in 2010 and the Xbox 360 E in 2013. As of 2014, Microsoft acknowledged that it has sold more than 84 million of the Xbox 360 consoles.

Thus, it is actually the 6th best-selling game console in the world. In fact, the Xbox 360 console is thought of as the game console that was the most significant and influential of its time due to the fact that it emphasized digital media distribution, as well as multiplayer games via Xbox Live, which is both a free and subscription service that lets users play their Xbox games over the Internet, as well as download other games, buy or stream music, and more. Therefore, the Xbox became a hub for family gaming together in many ways.

Another noteworthy thing about the history of the Xbox 360 is that it did away with the need for Memory Units and it also had a custom Kinect port so that controllers were no longer needed, and a newer and quieter system fan, which pleased many customers.

Other Specs of the Xbox 360 Console

Additionally, the specifications of the Xbox 360 included a 250 gig internal hard drive, five USB ports, a smaller and more efficient power supply, wireless controllers, and it worked with previous models of Xbox 360 models that were also available at the time the newest one was introduced.

All in all, Xbox has been one of Microsoft’s best gaming console products and it continues to be popular and have fans all over the world, even up to 2015.