There have been some beautiful examples of console design over the decades, that have spent their days entertaining and gathering dust under, on top of or near TVs. Take the

Atari 2600

Mmm, wooden
Mmm, wooden

ZX Spectrum

Mmm, rainbow
Mmm, rainbow

and most recently…

PlayStation 4

Mmm, fingerprints
Mmm, fingerprints

… amongst others, as example.

You’d be proud to show these things off to your friends, right? The future of entertainment and style. But there are a range of consoles that trump even the most alluring of video game whirboxes, and they’re not made by any company. Nope, they’re made by one exceptional Swedish designer.

Too Cool For School

Designer Love Hultén has an astute eye for crafting beauty, and he has truly outdone himself with the latest of his faux-vintage creations. Taking influence from the rustic arcade units of gaming’s yesteryear, Hultén lovingly combines bygone aesthetics with the kind of effortless cool that is best reserved for a Cold War man cave.

Cor blimey
Cor blimey

Here’s an excerpt from Hultén’s bio:

Hultén carefully selects the finest local materials to provide strength and durability. The unique collectible objects breathe through time, rather than get suffocated by it. Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind exclusive items, Hulten offers the buyer a genuine and personal experience.

And judging by the images above, he’s not lying. These machines are truly unique.

Let’s have a closer look at a few, shall we?

Pixel Vision

“Pixel Vision is an handcrafted toy for the dedicated gamer. It’s a link between the present and the past and a tribute to gaming.”

This foldable, pocket console is made from solid walnut, and, due to its in-built emulator, can store and play games from various classic consoles, like the NES, Atari 2600 and/or Game Boy.

R-Kaid-R Brainbow Edition

“This handmade portable lets you enjoy classic games like Pac Man and Asteroids in first class.”

Made from solid ash and black valchromat, the R-Kaid-R allows you to store over 10,000 games, and with 8 hours of battery life, you’ll be enjoying said games in style for a while.

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Pixelkabinett 42

“A unique handmade full-size arcade cabinet for two players, inspired by old industrial cabinets, vintage mixing consoles and early space travels.”

This limited edition, beauty of a box comes with a jamma board so you can play your favorite arcade games. But if you so desire a more modern gaming feast, it can be easily upgradable to a MAME system! How cool is that?

All of these things are super dope and available for purchase, only down side is probably size on the Pixelkabinett’s side, but most definitely price. Seeing as each of these systems is hand made by Hultén himself, each of them commands a astronomical price. Like the aforementioned Kabinett costs €3,699 ($4160).

So what do you make of these? Get over to Hultén’s page to gawp at more beautiful gaming cabinets and dream of what could be.

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