The main purpose of any game is to entertain the players. If a game is too complicate for the players to hardly understand its basics, it loses its purpose. The Nintendo Wii has actually cracked this secret by being simple making the whole experience entertaining and more fun. This is a game that brings together people of all generation.The graphics of this game have also been simplified to simply appear attractive and more realistic especially with more lighting. This makes the game different from the likes of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in areas such as simplicity, colors, the number of pixels as well as graphics. This makes it more popular and fun to play.

When it comes to the control of the game, the combination is just amazing where a wireless stick is used to control the game. All the player needs to do is to move the stick and it will direct the character as well as direct the aim and number of functions on the screen. The game comes with a number of attachments such as nunchucks which is pressed to give more than a direction command. The nunchuck is also used when there is need for an action. The game has also accommodated players who are used to playing with the old-school controllers such as joypads which can be plugged into the machine.

Nintendo Wii is a one shop place with different varieties of games such as the bowling game which is played using the Wii controller, baseball game where the player swing with the controller the same way it happens with the baseball bat, tennis where the controller is used as the racket and finally golf. This is a major step ahead where a player can enjoy so many games under one machine. As if that is not enough, the Nintendo Wii can also play video games released for the GameCube as well as the earlier Nintendo games. This is a big win for Nintendo compared to the earlier releases where a system came with the game that showed the system off to very good effect but eventually cost out of the equation. The Wii makes it to be the first ever system to develop a game that can show the player what the controls can do at two hundred and fifty dollars.

Another exciting feature of this game is what they call ‘Miss’ being the ability of the player to make a version of himself by putting for example long hair among other additions. The character on the screen is therefore of the player making the game more entertaining.

As the game is newly introduced to into the market, its networking capabilities have not been fully made up. As a result, if a player leaves his Wii plugged in, they can upload new things into the machine hence changing the game. The work to improve the game is in progress which is an impressive way of ensuring they keep their customers entertained all the time.