is a popular new game that takes the snake game that many of us played on calculators, early phones and computers and turns it into an online multiplayer version of the game like

We’ve updated this with more tips and tricks, new skins on iPhone, new in app purchases and important details about hacks and cheats.

You can download for your browser, iPhone, iPad and Android to get in on the fun. We’ll walk through the things you need to know about this popular new app from usernames and where to download to tips and tricks to grow and survive in

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The game is fun and you have a good chance even when you start out as a small snake.

What is

[embedded content] is an online version of Snake. You play against other players online in a shared room with orbs that you need to eat to grow.

You can play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices for free. There are ads in the game, but only between rounds. There is also an online version for you browser or computer at

With the app you can play against others in a more colorful and free-flowing version of Snake.

How to Play

The basic premise is to pilot your snake around the map and pick up glowing orbs to grow. tap on a spot on your screen to change direction, or slide your finger around the screen. You cannot pause

Pick up as many orbs as you can.

Pick up as many orbs as you can.

Pick up as many orbs as you can without letting the head of your snake hit another snake. If you hit another snake, you will die. You can cross over your own snake without any problems.

If you take out another snake by having them hit you, you can collect glowing orbs that help you grow faster.

use your speed boost to jump ahead of another snake.

use your speed boost to jump ahead of another snake.

You can double tap on the screen to speed boost. This is helpful for getting in front of a slower snake to take them out. Using this will make you smaller. You can follow a boosting snake to pick up the orbs they drop.

The goal is to grow and grow without hitting another snake. If you are the top snake at the end of the day you can share a victory message. Usernames

You cannot reserve a username to keep as your own forever. When you start a game you will need to choose a name for your snake. After you die someone else could start with that username and if you are in the same world you may not be able to use it.

If you enter any profanity the game will remove it and replace it with a less vulgar version. We didn’t test every word, but it is good at removing common curses. for Kids is rated 4+ on iTunes and E for Everyone on Google Play. As we mentioned the game removes many curse words from usernames. While you play online against others there is no text or voice communication so there is no real way to talk to the other players. is ok for kids, and the adds are also safe. is ok for kids, and the adds are also safe. Ads In App Purchases

While playing you will see ads. Most of these are for other mobile games and all the ads we’ve seen so far are age appropriate for the rating. The ads only appear in between the games. There are video ads that will prompt you to install another game.

There are now in-app purchases in that allow you to remove all ads. This is a one-time purchase of $3.99. You can restore this purchase if you need to on a new iPhone or iPad. Skins

You can now use skins that change the color and look of your snake. Originally only on a computer you can now access these in the iPhone app.

You can only get skins online for now.

You can only get skins online for now.

On PC, you need to share on Facebook or Twitter from the main screen to unlock these. If you want to get the skins without actually sharing you can click to share and then cancel the share.

On iPhone or Android you choose your skin from the main screen with no need to share to unlock the feature.

There are a lot of skins you can cycle through including flags, patterns, mascots from websites and much more.

We’ve seen offer usernames that can unlock skins, but did not find this for on iPhone or iPad yet. Cheats and Hacks

Watch out for any hacks and cheats.

Watch out for any hacks and cheats.

It’s easy to find websites offering cheats that include god mode, speed boosts and much more.

If you try to use these you will see messages like the cheat is hacking the system, but then, you’ll need to prove you are a human.

How will you do this you ask? All you need to do is sign up for some free offers and give your information to a company that will spam you and call you non stop.

Don’t use any hack or cheat that asks you to share your personal information or sign up for any service. Tips Tricks

You can take out bigger snakes by boosting in front of them. The bigger the snake, the slower it is to react. As soon as you take the snake out grab those orbs to grow.

[embedded content]

If you are big enough you should circle around an opponent to kill them. if you do this, cross over yourself and get the orbs before someone else does.

When you are in a tough spot, make a circle and keep your head inside the circle as long as possible. This allows you to stay alive and may even score a big takedown.

Use the boost wisely. You can boost in front of a big snake, but if you boost in front of a small snake, you may end up boosting past it too fast.

[embedded content]

While you are playing, look for opportunities to follow a big snake. When they get a kill, swoop in and steal the orbs. If you time this right you can also score a kill since they will likely be distracted by picking up the orbs themselves. Lag

If you experience lag, try a different connection.

If you experience lag, try a different connection.

If you are playing the game and run into lag you may need to change your Internet connection. This is a game that you play online, so playing on your cellular connection may sometimes be problematic.

If you are on public WiFi it may also be a problem. Try a different connection to see if that helps. When you use this game on a network with a lot of other traffic it could also cause a slowdown.

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