PlayStation 4 keeps getting new games and currently people are already talking about the upcoming PlayStation 5. Experts have suggested that PlayStation 5 might be the last in the PlayStation series of gaming consoles. With the rise of innovation and new technologies, it is not hard to assume that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might be the last of the modern gaming consoles.

Presently, mobile phones are turning into gaming consoles day by day and with the latest developments in recent VR technology, it is possible that gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two might be in danger.

According to Emmett Shear (Executive at Twitch-a streaming service), the sensible thing that should be done by Sony and Microsoft is turn these hardwares into set-top boxes. When it comes to the consumer market, the life cycle of these present generation consoles might be in significant danger, as revealed by Emmett during his interview with ‘The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit in London.

Usually, it has been seen that a console has a lifespan of around 5 years but with the development of technology, this is getting reduced to quite an extent. Therefore, in order to make their lifespan longer, they need to have more uses other than simply gaming.

Besides Emmett, Geoffrey Zatkin (Chief Product Officer at EEDAR) predicted that Wii U, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 might be the last of the gaming consoles. At the same time, it is equally possible that Sony and Microsoft might change the form and utility of the Xbox 2 and the PlayStation 5.

It will take quite some time before both these devices are released and you should know that both these giants are presently working on VR technology. In the future, you could see Microsoft integrate HoloLens with the upcoming Xbox Two while Project Morpheus could be integrated with PlayStation 5. It is expected that both these tech giants will test the market with their VR tech before deciding the fate of Xbox Two and PS5.

It is common knowledge that gaming industry has contributed a lot to the economic status of the world while gamers and fans keep purchasing games and consoles while further enriching their gaming experience. Sony PlayStation is one of the most common gaming consoles of our generation and generations before that.

The company has released a new version of the PlayStation every seven years. The fourth version was released 2 years ago but the latest rumors indicate that PlayStation 5 is coming soon. Rumors about this upcoming console are already hot on various gaming forums and sites. The latest batch of rumors indicates that this console will be released sometime in 2020.

This is probably because there is not a lot of information regarding the number of games that Sony has acquired, for this console. A few months back, it was speculated that Sony is already working on a new PlayStation version but there were not too many details about its specifications.

PlayStation 5

However, most of the rumors suggest that this console will feature Virtual Reality technology, making it the most powerful PlayStation console so far. At the same time, Xbox Two is another hot topic. Don’t expect Microsoft to stand down when Sony is already busy trying to make their next move.

The Xbox Two could be released in 2019 or around the same time as PlayStation 5 release. Once these futuristic consoles are revealed with their major specs and upgrades, gamers will be in a tight spot, figuring out which one to get.

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