There has been some time and a fair amount of work put into Samurai Punk’s Screencheat since it launched to the public. Various technical and balancing tweaks have been made and so many additional weapons added at no charge. After all this time, though, the developers finally feel that the title is “complete.” With that, Samurai Punk and publisher Surprise Attack now have an eye for launching this game for the consoles later this year.

For those who have not played this one, it’s a four player local multiplayer shooter. Each player is invisible to the other players when they come across each other. The only way to figure out where the opponent is located and gun them down requires looking at their screen. It’s really quite an ingenious way to take a loathed aspect of multiplayer gaming of yore and turning it into a primary mechanic.

Screencheat 1
To keep the action moving, the maps are smartly designed. Each map is divided into areas featuring bold, solid colors. Each of these sections are littered with details and landmarks to make pinpointing the other players a reasonable endeavour. So, by extrapolating where the table with the lamp in the blue room is in relation to each player, the discerning marksman will be able to score the shot and earn the kill. Matches are tense and quick as getting shot once means a respawn. This is an interesting concept that is objectively well put together.

I did get some game time in with this one on the Playstation 4 version, and it is working quite well. All of the weapons that have been added to the PC version are available to console gamers. Samurai Punk was also able to lock in a smooth 60 frames per second. While the art style is simple in appearance, it manages to look pretty good in motion.

Screencheat 2
As all the players sat on a couch in front of the television, I felt the time spent hassling my cousins while playing the N64 come back to me. Trash talking abounded and hearts were broken. Mine, in particular. I lost. To a young lady who seemed to be in her tweens. The only solace I could find is that so did the other two adult players on the sofa. Still, man. Damn.

Screencheat is one of those divisive titles that players seem to either love or hate. While, objectively speaking, this title is impeccably designed, I witnessed some remarks from people who weren’t fans of the core concept itself. Others love the unique twist to multiplayer gaming and the fact that it stresses the local experience that formed bonds and destroyed relationships. Frankly, neither side is wrong. Still, it is highly encouraged that everyone at least try it on the platform of their choice. They may be converted into proper cheaters.

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