It is no secret that the world of video games is becoming, if it has not yet fully become, as evolved as our own, both in its culture as well as its technology. With every release come jaw dropping graphics and fresh milestones that spark expenditures on a global scale that reaches the billions. Along with the evolved graphics comes the need to evolve as a player. Given that video games resemble real life more and more, it is understandable that gamers would have to treat it, or behave in terms of its requirements much as they do in their daily lives. That is to say, they have to prepare in order to be able to deal with it, handle it and enjoy it. Such is the case with the world famous Medal of Honor.

Like many first person shooter games, Medal of Honor is a complex game which requires dexterity from all gamers. It is of course very obtainable, all it requires is practice and preparation, which means that it is of extreme importance that a player take his or her time getting to know the game before diving into multi player mode. As it happens, chartering in those waters without adequate preparation will lead to one being beaten quickly and frequently.

An excellent way to begin preparing is by getting to know the controls. The XBOX 360 controller takes some getting used to, especially if one is accustomed to a mouse and keyboard. All the sticks and buttons need to be setup to the preferences of each player; the best method would be to play through the all the tutorial missions and based on that experience the functions and behavior of each button can be adjusted. Some of the functions include being able to inverse how the left stick behaves; some players prefer it to look up when they push up, while others would rather it looked down when they pushed up. Having the settings that match your taste and style, makes for a natural and pleasant gaming experience.

Another excellent way to get to know the game before delving into prime time is to play through the campaign. The purpose of this is to teach you how the game behaves, how it operates. One of its many advantages is that it will allow you to get to know maps that may reappear online, which is an enormous advantage when it comes to multiplayer games. This applies to all the weapons as well. Knowing all about them and how they function and behave will give you an advantage over your enemy as it will allow you to kill him before he can kill you. Spend time playing with different weapons, find out the different rages, their different firepower. These are all tips to get to know the game and be able to better maneuver when the time to play online comes along.

Medal of Honor and video games in general have become part of our culture; like a visitor who stopped by to visit and decided to stay. With their ever more impressive graphics and a grandeur which makes most Hollywood films look cheap, video games will soon become larger than life and will continue to require considerable preparation in order to be enjoyed.