The LG G5 is well on its way to store shelves and will be in the hands of eager fans in less than a week. It’s LG’s first metal flagship, with a curious modular design, a fingerprint scanner, and an unorthodox dual camera setup in tow.

After playing around with a preview unit here in the office, we became increasingly aware of how this years’ LG UX user interface doesn’t necessarily make any huge gains over last year’s interpretation. Excluding the fact that LG omitted the app drawer and Dual Window features from the new smartphone, we’d say the look, feel, and execution of the interface is pretty familiar to what we saw on the LG G4.

So, the settings menu is still a little bit garbled, at least it looks so to us (example – the passcode settings are found in the Lock Screen menu under the Display tab; the fingerprint scanner settings are found in the Security menu under the General tab ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ). But we dug through and looked for some of the less-than-obvious, or just LG-specific tips and features. Check them out below!

LG G5 tips and tricks

LG G5 tips and tricks

1. Set up the fingerprint scanner, combine it with Knock Code

Duh… The LG G5 is the first LG flagship to feature a fingerprint scanner and we suggest you make full use of it. It’s a pretty fast piece of hardware and you don’t even need to push the power button to unlock your phone – just tap the sensor and it will wake the device up. You are required to combine the fingerprint lock with a PIN, Password, or Knock Code-type lock. We suggest you go for the latter, as it’s easier to unlock a device that lays on the table by just knocking on the screen.
Set up the fingerprint scanner, combine it with Knock Code

2. Disable Smart Bulletin

On the leftmost screen, you will find a Smart Bulletin. A collection of widgets, if you will, this place will give you quick access to music, Evernote, your calendar, the Quick Remote, and others. Whether you like it or not is up to personal preference, but many prefer to remove it. You can do that by going to Settings → Display → Home Screen → Smart Bulletin (off)
Disable Smart Bulletin

3. Hide bloatware and unwanted apps

OK, so you don’t have an app drawer to hide unneeded apps in. That’s not the best, but at least there are a couple of remedies. You can either stick all the unwanted apps in a single folder and hide it on a faraway homescreen, or go to Settings → Display → Home Screen → Hide Apps and… well – choose which apps to hide
Hide bloatware and unwanted apps

4. Customize virtual navigation buttons

An LG-signature feature, you can arrange your virtual buttons (back, home, recents) and even add a couple more next to them, increasing their number to up to 5. Our favorite virtual button to add in the strip is the “drop down notifications shade” – it makes it much easier to use the phone with one hand, as we don’t need to stretch to the top pull down that shade
Customize virtual navigation buttons

5. Use Recents button to open app settings

Many apps have a settings menu, situated at their top-right corner. Don’t want to stretch? Just tap and hold on the square-shaped “recents” button from the navigation bar on the bottom. Voila!
Use Recents button to open app settings

6. Game optimizer

You have two levels of game optimization at your disposal – one that limits video resolution, and another, which limits both resolution and frame rate to save up on battery while you are gaming. We see no reason for one not to use at least the basic mode of game optimization, as the drop in resolution does not seem noticeable.
Game optimizer

7. Set apps that will not be restricted by battery saving

The battery saving mode is pretty powerful and can totally obliterate background processes and connectivity, making it impossible for some apps to deliver notifications on time. If you want to use Battery Saving, but don’t want to risk missing out on chat notifications, go to Settings → General → Apps → open “dot” menu in top-right → Configure apps → Ignore optimizations. In this menu, you can choose which apps will ignore your battery saving mode, which means they will function fully and will deliver their notifications on time
Set apps that will not be restricted by battery saving

8. Stop app notification peeking

Peek notifications are the wide banners that come in from the top of the screen. This may annoy you if your email tends to get bombarded every couple of minutes, or if you have privacy concerns regarding some apps and people looking over your shoulder. In any case, you can disable peeking notifications on app-by-app basis by going to Settings → Sounds and notifications → Apps. Choose the app you wish to limit and disable its peeking permission
Stop app notification peeking

9. Re-install recently removed apps

If you uninstall an app but later regret it, there’s not need to re-download it from the Play Store. The G5 will allow you to instantly re-install any app you’ve deleted in the past 24 hours from this menu: Settings → General → Apps → open “dot” menu in top-right → Recently uninstalled apps. Alternatively, if you’ve recently uninstalled a huge game and it doesn’t seem like it has freed the space from your phone’s storage – go into this menu and “delete” the game from here. Now, it should be proper gone
Re-install recently removed apps

10. Link your cloud accounts with LG’s apps

LG’s stock file manager, picture gallery, and music apps can connect to your DropBox, Box, Drive, and OneDrive accounts, essentially giving you quick access to all your cloud files, music, and pictures without the need to use a large number of external apps. Go to Settings → General → Cloud to set these up
Link your cloud accounts with LG's apps

11. Fine-tune Do not disturb mode

We all like to get some rest from the infernal buzzing of our phone from time to time, but being accessible for a select group of close people at any time is essential. That’s why, it’s a good idea to fine-tune your Do Not Disturb mode to allow some contacts through. Additionally, you can allow whole apps to get through DND (useful for that work email), or schedule the mode to auto-activate and stop itself. Go to Settings → Sounds and notifications → Do not disturb
Fine-tune Do not disturb mode

12. Disable KnockON

You can wake up your LG G5 by just double-tapping on its screen. That’s a beloved feature, and a must-have on a large-screened smartphone, many would say. Still, sometimes, you may want this to be off. Unfortunately, there’s no toggle in the Settings menu for it — not one that can be accessed the easy way, that is. Check out this guide if you want to disable your KnockON double-tap-to-wake feature
Disable KnockON

13. Automatically shoot selfies

Making selfies with a medium to large smartphone has always been a bit of a challenge and often puts the handset at risk of being dropped, while you try to handle it and tap the shutter button. LG understands this and has so far added features such as voice-activated or gesture-activated selfie snapping. Now, you can even have your selfie taken by just looking at the camera and standing still for a moment! Open the camera, go in front-facing mode, tap the cog on the top-left, and make sure that the gesture-activated shutter is changed to an automatic one (shown on the picture on the left)
Automatically shoot selfies

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