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Video games are getting turned into movies and it is not always a good thing. Movies/TV series feature unrealistic and unrelatable characters with simple plots. Doing justice to the original video game is just as important as turning a profit.

Games continue to be turned into movies or TV series, but why? Because people have nothing better to do and want coverage for having an epic fail, well at least that is what I believe. 

Nonetheless, a great video game does not mean it should be transformed into a movie. 

Nevertheless, Activision Blizzard is turning one of its biggest video game hits into a TV series, but not just any TV series. “Skylanders Academy,” this will not be interesting by any means for us gamers above 16 years of age but it may still be a hit. 

Activision Blizzard is taking a similar approach to other video games turned TV series showing promise. Instead of targeting older gamers, its target audiences are  children and young teens as it is using one of the most popular and profitable games in the market. 

“Skylanders” the game, its figures and expansions, have brought in over $3 billion in sales. It’s a kid game so a majority of the money is coming from parents, grandparents other family members, et cetera.

The reason the “Skylander Academy” TV series may work is because in order to please adults by converting a video game into a TV series, there are more needs, desires and demands by the customers. However, the target being children and young teens, their needs, wants and desires are not as demanding as adults. This makes production much easier and may be why “Skylanders Academy” will be a success.

The goal of “Skylanders Academy” is to make an engaging show for children to follow. 

The reason why this development shows promise is because it will be similar to the TV series “Pokémon.” On the other hand, “Pokémon” was engaging. The story line was lackluster with adults but amazing to children. This is the emphasis Activision Blizzard is putting on its “Skylanders Academy”  series and thusly why it may be a hit after all. 

If companies continue to transform video games into movies, here are six points I would like to see incorporated.

 No. 1, have an in-depth, engaging and immersive storyline. No more of these basic straight-forward stories. Have some sort of event that totally throws the viewers out of their chairs.

No. 2, death of a main character. I have seen way too many movies where the main characters pull off a bada** stunt, which would kill a normal human being and live. If not the main character at least someone with a big role. 

No. 3, do not portray romatic, love, sex scenes as perfect. Make it realistic. People having sex does not always fall into place perfectly. I’m not saying make it a comical scene but way more realistic. 

No. 4, not every single main character has to be a man. There are kick-a** women too. Or try going a different route with a main character that is the lamest or nerdiest.

No. 5, do not follow in the line of others. Yes, other companies have massive hits but I am so sick of watching remakes of the same movie, or playing the same game just made by two different people. Just try to not repeat everyone else’s work, it gets old quick.

No. 6, instead of using supped up vehicles, why not go basic so we can relate to the characters. I mean I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer ES, my best friend drives a Honda Accord; neither of which are top of the line cars. 

Make the characters more relatable to the viewers. Then maybe some of the movies will be popular. Just be realistic and have good story lines. It is not too hard. Follow what the consumers want and the product will succed.

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