Minecraft for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 just got more bountiful. Mojang released Title Update 31 (TU31, aka Update 1.8.8) to the console versions of the popular open-world sandbox game on Friday.

There are two important things of note about the latest Minecraft update. First, the release to the PS Vita has been delayed until next week due to some last minute issue discovered during certification. Second, the newly released Minecraft: Wii U Edition will not receive the update until 2016. Mojang’s Owen Hill explained they are attempting to get new updates to Nintendo’s console synched up with the other console releases as soon as possible.

The changelog across all PlayStation and Xbox platforms is simply massive and much too large to publish here. Mojang posted a full run down on its website, but you can also find a high level overview below.

Update 1.8.8 brings the Minecraft: PlayStation Edition and Xbox Edition up to the equivalent of version 1.8.1 on the PC, which is known as the Bountiful Update. That’s only a single major release from the main Minecraft platform, though Mojang is still testing the 1.9 Combat Update for release in early 2016.

This update for Minecraft on consoles adds ocean temples guarded by new mobs called Guardians and Elder Guardians to the gameplay experience. There are also new biomes such as Savanna, Deep Ocean, Mesa, and others along with 20 new Technical Biomes. Meanwhile, the existing Jungle, Swamp, Plains, Extreme Hills, and Ocean biomes all have received various tweaks.

Minecraft Underwater Temple (PlayStation, Xbox)

[Image via Mojang]
New biomes bring new blocks to Minecraft, too. The number of blocks available to use in the game has been expanded by 22 with the addition of new blocks such as Wet Sponge, Slime Blocks, Red Sandstone, and more. Meanwhile, the number of in-game items has taken a big leap, too, with spawn eggs now available for new mobs like Rabbits, Endermites, and Guardians along with different variations of Rabbit to eat.

A new Tutorial World for Minecraft console players to explore is available, as well. Developer 4J Studios filled it with many of the new additions made to the game and constructed new areas for players to explore and learn. Audio for Minecarts, Cows, and Mushrooms also got a refresh.