Multiplayer games are taking up a huge portion of the gaming market share. About 72 percent of all gamers play online. Online video games have extended onto multiple platforms and include a variety of genres to bring in a wide range of players. Online gaming brings a sociable experience to the gaming world while expanding player versus player capabilities. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Choosing a Console

Online gaming originated on computers, but computers are no longer the only way to go. These days, online gaming can be done on just about any console including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PSP, Wii, and many more. Most consoles will have some sort of software to play games online such as Microsoft’s Xbox Live. This makes it easy to connect with other players and to create a gaming profile so that your friends can find the games you play and join in. Computer gaming is still the most popular way to game online. PCs are recommended over Macs because most games will be compatible with PC while many won’t work on Mac devices.


You should always use a wired connection when gaming online. Wi-Fi is unreliable and can lead to random lag spikes and disconnections. In the world of online gaming, even a small disconnection can cause drastic effects. There is a term called the “rubberband effect” that is caused by lag. It occurs when games get too far behind and try to catch up to the live version. As a result, it messes up the player’s view and elements of the game that makes it difficult to play. This can be avoided through wired connectivity.

Finding a Game

Finding the right online game is the hardest part. There are thousands of choices out there. You need to find a genre and style of game that fits your playstyle. Currently, the biggest growing online game genre is massively online battle arena games. MOBAs have taken up a large portion of the online market and feature popular games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. Massively multiplayer online role playing games are another popular choice. World of Warcraft is the most well known MMORPG out there. These options just touch the tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds of other online game styles to pick from.

Playing With Friends

Even though you’re able to play with people from across the globe nothing makes online gaming more fun than being able to enjoy it with your friends. Most games will have some sort of gamer tag implementation that allows for you to find and connect with friends. You can team up to join forces against other strangers from all over the world or even pin yourselves against one another.


Online gaming has revolutionized the gaming world. Players from around the world can compete against each other from the comfort of their living room. It’s easy to connect online with other players and you’ll have a blast doing so.