The world of entertainment might look like a shattered mirror from the outside, but once you start to peer past the cracks you’ll see that it’s actually one homogenous unit. Although it might not seem as though movies influence games and games influence music, they all impact on each other in different ways.

In fact, when it comes to building a franchise and appealing to the masses, one of the best ways to create a fan base is to take some inspiration from another medium and cross the entertainment divide. For example, over the last decade movie-goers around the world can’t help but notice the large number of comic-based offerings.

Breaking Boundaries like the Hulk


From Iron Man to the Incredible Hulk, Marvel and DC comic book heroes have become movie legends in the last few years, with the former’s first cinematic installment grossing $585 million alone. Of course, without an existing fan base of comic book readers, it’s unlikely these movies would have gained the mainstream popularity they now enjoy.

But a product can’t just cross a single divide to really create a successful entertainment franchise. Since the likes of Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk became box office hits, they’ve been absorbed by the games industry. Indeed, despite SEGA’s 2008 Incredible Hulk Game only receiving a review score of 50/100 by Metacritic, the fact people went out and bought the game was enough to increase the green man’s popularity.

In fact, what it also did was open up new possibilities in the gaming world. After SEGA and Vivendi Games published the Incredible Hulk, Playtech jumped on the bandwagon and created an interactive online slot game.

Now a staple fixture of 32Red slots section, the Incredible Hulk game not only offers video sequences from the movie, but as many as 50 win lines and jackpots in excess of $100,000. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, 32Red’s game allows you to play for free initially and then as little as $0.10 in a bid to win some serious money.

Gambling with Game of Thrones and Beyond

In fact, when you look around the online casino world you’ll see that it’s not just movies but TV spinoffs that have crossed the entertainment divide. From Deal or No Deal and South Park to 24 and The Sopranos, TV-themed slots are extremely popular online. 

Indeed, the latest game to strike a chord with casino players is Game of Thrones. Recently added to 32Red’s stable of slots, this Microgaming product costs as little as $0.15 to play and, if you’re lucky, you could unlock one of the Houses of Westeros.

Why is this game a hit with online slot spinners? Simple, because it’s crossed the entertainment divide. Now in its sixth season, the HBO show hit peak viewing figures of 3 million for a single episode in the US during its initial run. However, since then it has become a global hit and in the US alone it managed to draw almost eight million viewers for opening episode of season five.

Given the appeal of this show, the creators have licensed out the rights to companies such as Microgaming in order to parlay the success in a new entertainment arena. Indeed, when you look around the online options today you’ll find Telltale Games’ adventure games available for download on the Steam Network and even a board game by Flubit.

A Model for Success


Essentially, the lesson to be learned here is that entertainment knows no bounds. If something is entertaining and the masses enjoy it, then it makes sense to spread it across various mediums. What starts out as a book could eventually become a board game, an online casino game or even a song (think Jurassic Park by Weird Al Yankovic).

The model for a successful entertainment franchise is to cross boundaries. Movies, music and games appeal to different demographics and if a company can penetrate all three mediums they have a much greater chance of hitting it big than if they stay static in a single corner of the industry.

So, the next time a movie gains some traction at the box office or a game piques the interest of the masses, don’t be surprised if you see it available in a different format in the near future.

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