LG took a lot of risks with the new LG G5—it’s got a metal chassis, unusual modular “friends,” and no app drawer. There are some great features built in, but there are also a few shortcomings that you’ll need to address in order to have the best experience possible. No phone is perfect, after all. So, we’ve got 15 tips and tricks to make your G5 the best phone it can be.

Knock code

lg g5 tips knock

Use a few taps to wake and unlock your G5.

LG started offering the Knock Code security feature a few years ago, and it continues to be great on the LG G5. Knock Code lets you create a series of taps on the screen that can wake and unlock the phone in a single step. You can set up a Knock Code from the Lock screen menu under Select screen lock.

When you activate Knock Code, you’ll pick a series of six or more taps in four quadrants. You can enter these taps anywhere on the screen when the display is off. The correct series will unlock your phone instantly. Knock Code also includes the ability to wake the screen (not unlock) with a double-tap. A double-tap on the home screen will put the phone to sleep, but this only works with the stock launcher. Luckily, you can double-tap the status bar at any time to accomplish the same thing.

Add fingerprints

The LG G5 has a rear-facing fingerprint sensor like last year’s V10. However, it ships with Android 6.0, making the fingerprint sensor much more useful. You can manage your fingerprints and related options in the Fingerprints and security menu under Fingerprints. Make sure you pay attention to the location the phone tells you to scan as it learns your fingerprint. It will make sure the middle, tip, and all edges are entered in for better recognition. The fingerprint menu also includes an option to enable fingerprint locks for LG apps like QuickMemo and the Gallery.