Supercell’s Clash Royale is a brilliant mobile title, combining competitive tower defense action with addictive card-collecting mechanics that never let up. It’s also hugely accessible, but difficult to master. In order to succeed you’ll need the perfect strategy, so TrustedReviews has devised a handy list of tips for you to follow.

Join a clan

This is essential, and will go a long way in providing you with free cards and upgrades whenever you’re in a bind. Clan members can reward you with free cards at anytime, which is perfect when you’re just one card away from a much-needed upgrade.

You can also spectate matches, an ideal source for picking up new strategies and units you may be unfamiliar with. Battling with fellow clan members is also handy, giving you a place to practice new strategies without consequence.


Remember your chests

To many this might be a no-brainer, but checking your chests will bag you a bunch of cards, coins, gems and possibly some rare loot, if you’re lucky. Spoils such as this quickly add up, especially if you play everyday.

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Silver and Crown chests are harder to come by, but are far more likely to contain rare cards and oodles of precious gold. Be sure to claim your achievements too by selecting the ribbon icon beside matchmaking.

Find the perfect placement

Units will react differently depending on where they spawn on the map, and this could easily decide your fate in a match. Try and remember the best time and place to spawn a unit, using your position to take advantage of the enemy.

If one lane is occupied with a battling army, sneak up the other with a giant and a few archers. If timed perfectly, victory is assuredly yours. Remember to populate your base with defensive units too, which takes us to our next point.


Defend your base

No matter how satisfying it may be to charge towards the enemy, you won’t be going anywhere if your base is left defenseless. Split your army in such a way that prevents the enemy from overwhelming you, interspersing units between each tower.

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Fast or army-based units are best used for defensive play, as they can quickly reach and destroy your opponent. Projectile attacks such as catapults and arrows are useful too, so long as you time them well enough.

Upgrade everything

Upgrades are a vital part of Clash Royale, arguably more important than anything else. After each successful game always take a trip to your inventory and level up everything you can. Additional cards can be purchased using gold, so you shouldn’t need to fork out on microtransactions.


It is far too easy to find yourself overwhelmed in Clash Royale, which is why upgrading units should be your top priority. What units you focus on depends on your strategy, but try not to get bogged down in the hunt for rare and epic cards. Your base will upgrade itself as your progress, adding more health and defensive capabilities to each tower.

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