Use these Madden 16 tips and tricks to become a better player and win more often in Madden 16. We’ll show you the keys to wining at offense, defense and special teams including how to run back a kickoff for a touchdown.

Forget reading the limited Madden 16 manual to learn how to play, you can study these Madden 16 tips and tricks from the best players in the game to figure out how to be a better player. The individuals who teach us these Madden 16 tips and tricks put more time into this game than most people put into work, which leads to tasks that you can replicate to become better with a little practice and a lot of new information.

You don’t need to look for Madden 16 cheats and hacks to become a better player, you just need to learn how to exploit weaknesses, use the new Madden 16 features and even more important what not to do. Many of the actions players routinely use to try to get more yards or to stop the run aren’t the best way to go about it.

Use these Madden 16 tips and tricks to become a better player without the need for Madden 16 cheats.

Use these Madden 16 tips and tricks to become a better player without the need for Madden 16 cheats.

While there are hardcore Madden 16 tips that require multiple pre-snap adjustments and changes, the bulk of our Madden 16 tricks will allow you to make small and important changes to how you play overall, so you don’t need to master moving 5 different players before every snap. Jump right to;


As part of our Madden 16 tips and tricks you’ll also learn more about how to play football, as this factors into how well you do in Madden. We hope to teach you the secrets to being a better Madden 16 player so you can beat your friends, online opponents and Madden Ultimate Team challenges.

Our go to source for Madden 16 tips and tricks are two sources who know all about how to win in Madden 16. Zfarls is the author of the Madden 16 Guide and an excellent resource for becoming a better Madden player. Madden School is another amazing resource to find the best Madden 16 plays, Madden 16 money plays, playbooks and tips. You can buy the official Madden 16 guide from PrimaGames or check out the Madden School eBooks and videos for additional tips and tricks.

Use these Madden 16 tricks, tips and playmaking advice to combine tough defense with an offense who can march up the field and let your special teams be the icing on the cake.

Madden 16 Tips for Better Defense

Use these eight Madden 16 tips to become a better defensive player in Madden 16. There are enough changes to the game that you will need to adjust your style of play if you want to beat your opponents in Madden this year and new features that help you advance.

Stop The Run in Madden 16


You need a good run defense to shutdown your opponent in key situations. The video above includes Madden 16 tips to stop the run. You’ll need to start with putting more players int he box to take on the run and get a tackle in the back. If you go with a Cover 2 Invert you can get the run stop that you need without leaving an opening to get burned on the play action.

Defensive Quick Adjustments

In Madden 16 you can now quickly change the assignments of a player before the snap without manually switching to them.

  • Press Y Y or Triangle Triangle to highlight receivers, and then the corresponding button to select that player and choose a specific type of coverage.
  • RB RB or R1 R1 will select your Linebackers
  • LB LB or L1 L1 will select the Defensive Line

While the rest of our Madden 16 tips avoid changes before the snap, this is one that is worth learning so you can put key players where you need them before a fast snap.

Shut Down Mobile Quarterbacks

When you play an opponent with a fast and mobile quarterback in Madden 16 you need a strategy to shut him down. ZFarls shares three tips to stop a mobile quarterback.

  1. Contain Assignments – Before the snap hold Left Trigger and press RB or hold L2 and Press R1 on PS4.
  2. Watch Out for Double Teams – When you are in contain, there is a chance that you’ll go up against a double team, which leaves room for the quarterback to run for a big gain.
  3. Use the QB Spy – When you have a QB Spy you can choose to send him after the mobile QB even if you aren’t playing as that player by pushing in on the right stick.

Combine these three Madden 16 tips to become a defense known for shutting down the run.

Play the Ball for Picks and Swats

When you need to prevent your opponent from getting any yards, playing the ball is what you need to do. You can use this option to disregard the receiver and focus on knocking down the ball or getting an interception. After the QB throws the ball press B on Xbox One or Circle on PS4 to switch to the defender and then press Y or Triangle to focus on and play the ball instead of the receiver.

Play the Receiver for Stops and Drops

On defense another important option is to play the receiver. After the throw, switch to your defender and then press A on Xbox One or X on PS4. This will focus your attention on hitting the receiver as soon as he touches the ball. You’ll stop the player faster and cause more dropped passes.

Great Madden 16 Blitzes

In most playbooks you can find the Quarter Normal DB Strike 1 and set your linebackers to Pass Rush. Then you set the play up by pinching your defensive line together and moving a blitzer into position before you switch to safety to cover any pass that gets through. This is another one that is a little more involved, but it is worth it once you get it mastered. More on this at Madden School.

Jump the Snap

If you are going to play as the blitzer or on the line you can press Right Trigger on Xbox One or R2 on PS4 to jump the snap. This sounds like a bad thing, but as long as you can time it right you will get a head start on defenders and can get through to the QB or RB for more stops in the backfield.

Penetrate the Offensive Line

In addition to jumping the snap, if you are going to go after the quarterback o your own you will need to master the use of X and A on Xbox One and Square and X on PS4. When a defender has you blocked, press the button that flashes on-screen to swim, spin and get away from the defender to get a sack or hit the running back.

Strafe to Stay On Target

Use LT or L2 to strafe and keep your defenders hips in line with the line of scrimmage while you move across the field. This allows you to stay oriented to make a play, but remain mobile.

Defensive Assist Mode

When you need to stop a powerful wide receiver you may need to call in support. TO do this call a defensive play with Man Coverage. Before the snap switch to the cornerback and then hold LB or L1 after the snap. This will keep you mirrored to the route so you can make a major play. When in doubt LB or L1 will move your defender where he should be.

How to Stop The Aggressive Catch in Madden 16

We already covered playing the ball or the receiver, but you can use the tips in this video to make sure you string together the fundamentals to stop the aggressive catch in Madden 16. It will not work every time, but with these options you’ll learn when to swat, go for an interception, get into position or when you need to just settle for a tackle. Practice getting your player into position to make the stop.

Madden 16 Tips Offense

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